Meditative Performance


Aura Ra meditative performance is a live concert with 3D projection show.
We present an evening of exotic and beautiful music that brings us in tune to the ancient energy forces from which consciousness itself flows. Our meditative performance combines the singing of melodic, soothing mantras in Sanskrit and Pali in original style to the accompaniment of electric guitar and ambient music with the vibrations of the Gong which are the endless voice of the Universe is like a song of whales. The audience is immersed in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility where people meet and discover an invaluable jewel which is the harmony between themselves and mother nature.
In the center of the scene there is 3D projection mapping video installation on a three-meter sphere which was created by our media artist. Someone sees the birth of the Universe. Someone sees visualization own inner state, and someone meets with a subtle plan of our Planet.
The show is open to everyone, even to those who are not familiar with the esoteric teachings that gently carry human consciousness on the way to its own inner path where peace and happiness are one in an endless inner space. The performance takes the viewer’s attention away from the external problems of everyday life. The soothing visual beauty of this presentation complements the powerful ancient mantras and the primal Gong and will create a powerful, magical and unforgettable experience.


Gayatri Mantra for wisdom and inspiration of the universe.

Ganesh Mantra for success and to remove all obstacles.

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra for healing rejuvenation and purification.

Sabbe Satta is Metta of loving kindness and compassion for happiness and wellbeing.

There are three of us. We have teamed up to carry the Harmony to the World. We have combined the knowledge, ability and power for inspiration of people.

Grigory is our voice of mantras and music. The Magic of Sound.

Nadia is our healing vibration of the gong.  The Magic of Life.

Alex is our media artist making a subtle visible. The Magic of Light.

Mantra is an ancient form of sacred speech. Words have enormous transforming power. Harmonizes space, emotions, mind and body.

Gong is the conductor of an infinite sound of Universe. Healing vibration.

Meditation is a wellness practice of the concentration of attention on one designed to clear mind, promote relaxation and build internal energy. 

We put the pieces together and use progressive multimedia devices and techniques to transform these into the meditative performance of Aura Ra.

We intend to broadcast the Energy of the Universe beautifully powerful into the heart.